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  • Tekka

    A chadra-fan smuggler and contact of [[:ig-72b | IG-72B]].

  • Jazzon

    A Devaronian information broker, black marketeer, and sometimes business associate of [[:asher-likandros | Asher Likandros]].

  • Rutosk

    A Trandoshan slaver with a grudge against [[:scrubb | Scrubb]]. Rutosk occasionally does contract work for the Empire, finding "volunteers" to work in the spice mines of Kessel. Rutosk's first appearance in the campaign was at Formos. He tried alerting …

  • Rolorn Domma

    An Ithorian crimeboss and spice dealer with a predilection for twi'lek dancers. His ill-gotten fortune was stolen by [[:asher-likandros | Asher Likandros]].

  • Zorba the Hutt

    A nefarious, up-and-coming crimelord, Zorba is the patron of many bounty hunters, smugglers, and mercs. He is especially interested in collecting ancient artifacts and other objects of archaeological interest.

  • Soraya Das

    A graduate of the Obroan Institute, Soraya Das is a dark side adept and former associate of [[:xarsis-phal | Xarsis Phal]].

  • Danar Alde

    A former Senator and influential Alderaanian noble, rumored to be involved with the Rebellion.

  • Isabet Reau

    A member of the fanatical Mandalorian sect known as Deathwatch, Isabet Reau is an accomplished bounty hunter and mercenary. She was one of the warriors personally selected by Jango Fett to train the original Fett clones at the dawn of the Clone Wars. …

  • People of Note

    These are links to important characters in the campaign. *PCs (and close NPCs)* [[:asher-likandros | Asher Likandros]] [[:bel-terrik | Bel Terrik]] [[:cpx-4 | CPX-4]] [[:ig-72b | IG-72B]] [[:scrubb | Scrubb]] [[:the-redemption | The Redemption]] …

  • Elric Trask

    An Imperial Intelligence Officer in the service of the Rebellion. He is a protégé of [[General Oktra Balor'ma | General Oktra Balor'ma]].

  • Vengeance

    A former member of the Imperial Shadow Guard who assisted [[Elric Trask | Elric Trask]] in freeing [[Danar Alde | Danar Alde]]. Although much of Vengeance's identity was lost during his indoctrination to the Shadow Guard, the destruction of Alderaan …

  • General Oktra Balor'ma

    Commander of [[Delta Base | Delta Base]]. A Bothan, Balor'ma is well-known for his skills at infiltration and espionage. [[Elric Trask | Elric Trask]] is one of his most promising former students.

  • Qual Doon

    A Keldorian professor of xenoarchaeology at the Obroan Institute on [[Obroa-Skai | Obroa-Skai]]. A former mentor of [[:xarsis-phal | Xarsis]].

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