Star Wars Renegades

Chapter 2: Prophecy of Doom

Incident on Obroa-Skai

While Bel, Asher, and Scrubb dealt with the slaver Rutosk on Zeptilon 3, Xarsis, IG, and Vengeance began the repair of the Holocron of Obroa-Skai and commenced further research into the Diadem of the Zeltu. Time was of the essence, because Soraya Das and her forces were arriving on Obroa-Skai the morning after!

Professor Doon stopped by to check on Xarsis’s progress. Before taking his leave, Doon suggested that the Diadem was a dead end and wouldn’t lead to any new knowledge. This surprised Xarsis, who always knew Doon to be eager to learn about lost civilizations and cultures.

As the group worked some more, they followed the histories, legends, and myths of several Outer Rim cultures through time, seeking to find the source of the Zeltu stories. Their research lead them to pre-Republic times, but, inexplicably, the trail of information stopped – someone had deleted files pertaining to the Zeltu!

IG said it could hack the system to see who might have deleted the files and restore them (at least in part). This took a better part of the night. While IG worked, Xarsis meditated on the Force to enhance his wariness. Meanwhile, Vengeance pensively gazed out the window to his room, reflecting on the destruction of Alderaan and his conversation with Danar Alde before going on the mission. Alde was fearful of the Diadem falling into the wrong hands and was eager to know why the PCs former employer, Zorba the Hutt, wanted it.

Just after midnight, IG completed its work. The files were deleted by none other than Professor Doon! In addition, the files pointed to a hidden chamber deep in the bowels of the Archives that contained more information about the Zeltu. The PCs immediately left to find the chamber – IG and Xarsis using their dexterity and acrobatic skill to crawl, tumble, and flip through the rafters in order to avoid detection. Meanwhile, Vengeance strode imperiously through the winding corridors – when confronted by a patrol of two sentries, the former Shadowguard loomed menacing at them and they quickly allowed him to pass.

The entrance to the chamber was a well-hidden door. Opening the door, the PCs were confronted with a rush of stale air – the corridor beyond had not been traversed in some time. Walking further, the group came to a large, circular room. Frescoes and mosaics on the walls detailed the history of a mysterious, pre-Republic species, their rise to a spacefaring civilization, their encounter with a “star of darkness” or black hole, their subsequent domination of the galaxy, and then their sudden disappearance after meeting another powerful space-faring species.

Also in the room was a large, ancient, humanoid statue in a crouched position. Five gems glittered on its brow, immediately drawing IG’s attention. Something about the assassin droid’s prodding activated the statue – it stood up, towering 12 feet in height. Committed to getting the gems, IG held on to the head of the statue as it rose.

The statue immediately attacked, swatting at IG with one mighty arm while smashing Xarsis with the other. IG acrobatically flipped up into standing-position on the statue’s head while Xarsis and Vengeance counterattacked with their light saber weapons.

Large and solidly built, the statue was difficult to damage. For a few exchanges, the PCs struggled to land a solid hit while the statue’s powerful attacks wore them down. In desperation, Xarsis recalled any information he could about similar guardian constructs while IG’s acrobatics distracted the belligerent automaton. With these advantages, Vengeance was able to pierce the statue at a weak point with his light saber pike and destory it.

Behind where the statue was sitting was a passageway. Following it, the PCs entered another chamber. A holographic message played, showing an individual from some unidentified humanoid species where the Diadem of the Zeltu. Narration was provided in some unknown language, but the PCs saw that the Diadem-wearer was on a long, roughly cylindrical ship orbiting a planet. The bow of the ship formed a concave depression, like a radar dish, but it crackled some dark energy – the Dark Side of the Force! When the Diadem-wearer lowered its hand, the energy shot forth from the ship and struck the planet, destroying it instantly.

After the message had played, Vengeance heard footsteps enter the room – his barely contained rage bubbled forth, and he reflexively lashed out with his light saber pike and struck the intruder. Impaled upon the beam was Professor Doon! As he lay dying in Xarsis’s arms, the Kel Dorian professor uttered “Beware the Diadem!” before breathing his last.

Taking the fallen professor’s body out and walking back to the main promenade, the PCs encountered a guard patrol. Xarsis was able to convince the patrol that Doon was attacked some some mystery assailant. The patrol took the Kel Dorian’s body while the PCs quickly made their way to his home to search for clues. Once there, Xarsis found a datapad showing that Doon was communicating with some unknown associates. Only Doon’s outgoing messages could be read, but they indicated the professor knew of the Diadem and sought to stymie the efforts of the PCs to learn more of it.

Included amongst Professor Doon’s effects were several passages from some ancient scholar of the Zeltu. One of the passages was a chilling prophecy – “In a time of great upheaval, when millions of voices suddenly cry out in terror and are suddenly silenced, the Zeltu shall awaken and rule the Galaxy again.”

It was now morning and Soraya’s was due at any moment. The PCs found a mainframe access point and IG deleted all the video and other information that might incriminate them in Doon’s death. As they left, they walked into a patrol of Stormtroopers lead by Soraya! A battle ensued – IG and Vengeance battled the troopers while Xarsis and Soraya dueled. Although the PCs were victorious, Soraya escaped the field of battle to fight another day.

The PCs left Obroa-Skai and made their way back to Delta Base. Xarsis decided to leave the Holocron of Obroa-Skai behind, fearful that it may have been used to track him.



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