Star Wars Renegades

Chapter 3: Battle for the Diadem

Zorba's Assault

Seeking to get off of Alsapin as soon as possible, Asher contacted Jazzon to see if the Devaronian information broker knew of someone who could aid them. Jazzon suggested Bo Tran, a human smuggler. The PCs met Tran in a cantina to work out the deal. After paying a not insignificant sum, of credits to the smuggler, Tran agreed to take the PCs off Alsapin and to the rendezvous point with Scrubb and the Redemption.

After the PCs were transferred to the Redemption, Tran said he was sorry and shot off into hyperspace. Soon after, two of Zorba the Hutt’s frigates – one with Zorba himself present! – and several fighters descended on the PCs – Tran had betrayed them! Scrubb, assisted by IG-72B, initiated defensive maneuvers while making the hyperspace calculations. Bel and Xarsis took up positions as gunners while Asher andCPX-4 worked on the damage control.

A pitched ship battle ensued. Asher charged up the Redemption’s ion cannon and Scrubb fired it at Zorba’s frigate, temporarily disabling it. To gain cover against the other frigate, Xarsis suggested that the Redemption speed into the Alsapin system asteroid belt. Zorba’s fighters followed the PCs in. Bel shot at an asteroid, disintegrating it and sending a cloud of dust and rocks into the path of the oncoming fighters – two of them met their doom. For several minutes, the Redemption evaded and whittled down its pursuers. The powerful cannons of the fully operational frigate tried taking shots at the Redemption but interposing asteroids blocked the shots.

The Redemption’s ion cannon fired again, this time at the operational frigate. Disabled, the frigate was now an easy target – the Redemption came roaring out from behind an asteroid and rocketed past the vessel. Bel and Xarsis made brutally effective shots, damaging the frigate and knocking it out of commission for the duration of the battle.

Sensing the PCs had the upperhand, Bel radioed Zorba’s ship and demanded that the Hutt withdraw, never to bother Redemption’s crew again. Bitter and angry, Zorba nevertheless agreed, withdrawing his ship from the fray.

The PCs had won! And the spoils of war were a Correllian frigate. With a skeleton crew loaned from the Rebels at Delta Base, the PCs returned to the Suolriep system free of Zorba’s wrath.

The PCs whittled down the fighters to a point where they felt comfortable engaging one of the frigates.



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