Star Wars Renegades

Chapter 3: Battle for the Diadem

Casino Royale

After suffering a series of setbacks to their goal of getting the Diadem of the Zeltu back from Zorba the Hutt, the PCs got a lead from Asher’s contact Jazzon. The Devaronian met the PCs at a cantina on Topa saying that Zorba was going to sell the Diadem off at an auction on Alsapin, home of a popular casino run by the Kassandre family.

During the conversation, IG-72B thought it detected a figure leaving the cantina that resembled an IG series droid. Following the individual, IG-72B was assaulted by someone attacking with an ionic weapon and rendered non-operational.

Hearing the commotion, Bel raced outside to assist his incapacitated shipmate. IG-72B’s assailants piloted a speeder truck with the assassin droid securely inside, so Bel found a speeder of his own and pursued. After failing to knock the speeder truck off the road, Bel blasted one of its thrusters and sent the truck careening.

Emerging from the truck was another IG unit! The IG unit battled Bel and managed to escape with IG-72B. With regret, Bel had to give up the chase in order to pursue the Diadem.

The PCs took the Redemption to Alsapin, where they discovered that the primary bidders for the Diadem were a Cerean named Fa-To-Na, an enigmatic human named Vostok, Ithorian crimeboss Rolorn Domma and Dassid Likandros, Asher’s brash older brother! Making matters worse, Zorba was present, and he contracted the Death Watch mercs – lead by veteran warrior Isabet Reau – to guard the Diadem.

Meanwhile, IG-72B reactivated on an unfamiliar ship, the IG-2000. The ship was piloted by two IG series droids – the deadly bounty hunters IG-88C and IG-88D! The 88’s said they were headed to Alsapin in order recover the Diadem for their undisclosed employer. They tried to convince IG-72B to forsake its organic companions and join their crew. Lying, IG-72B agreed and offered to assist the 88’s with capturing the Diadem.

The PCs at the auction were able to manipulate events in order to increase the likelihood of winning the auction. Knowing of Domma’s Twi’lek predilection, they enlisted two Twi’lek dancers to lure Domma to a room. There, the PCs promptly incapacitated him. They entered as an anonymous bidder using accounts set up by Asher. Bel leaned on some bidders, getting them to leave the auction. Asher’s arrogant older brother Dassid was nonplussed after being compared to his supposedly less successful younger brother. Eventually the PCs managed to win the auction.

But as the auction was playing out, the IG units infiltrated the casino and stole into the ship containing the Diadem. They were encountered by a squad of elite Deathwatch mercs lead by Reau, and a pitched battle ensued. During the battle, IG-72B secured the Diadem and fled the scene.

As soon as Bel saw IG-72B’s presence, he ordered Scrubb to take the Redemption off Alsapin. Bel, Xarsis, and Asher then laid low, avoiding casino guards and seeking a way off planet.



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