Elric Trask

Imperial Intelligence Double Agent


High Concept: Imperial Intelligence Double Agent
Trouble: Knows Too Many Secrets
Master of Disguise
Safehouses Across the Galaxy
Always Thinking Two Steps Ahead

Careful + 3
Clever +3
Flashy +0
Forcerful +1
Quick +1
Sneaky +4

Sneak Attack: Because I’m a sly super spy, oncer per session I get a +4 when I Sneakily Attack while my target is distracted.

Spies for Allies: Because I have many connections in Imperial Intelligence, once per session I can contact an Imperial Intelligence agent in order to obtain information.

Follow the Data Trail: Because I am such a persistent investigator, I get a +2 when I Carefully Overcome obstacles while investigating computer records.

Refresh: 4


Elric Trask

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