Star Wars Renegades

Chapter 1: The Shadow of the Zeltu

To Formos

With assistance from Asher, Xarsis sifted through the data obtained from Rolorn Domma’s compound and learned the name of the Imperial freighter containing the Diadem of the Zeltu. In addition, Xarsis found that the mysterious Mandalorian warrior was one Isabet Reau, a fanatical member of the Deathwatch.

To locate the Imperial Freighter, Asher contacted his associate Jazzon. The sly Devaronian found that the ship was currently docked at Formos, in the Kessel Sector . Bel suggested that the group infiltrate the compound by pretending to be Imperials. Once inside, the PCs could alter the orders for the Diadem, transferring it to the Redemption. To get in, they would need uniforms – accessing its underworld connections, IG asked one Tekka to procure the uniforms for the PCs. Tekka did so, but not before securing a favor from the assassin droid.

Arriving at Formos, the Redemption crew noticed the presence of an Imperial Star Destroyer in orbit but landed with no particular trouble. However, an Imperial inspection team scouring the ship observed the vessel’s many hardware incompatibilities and non-standard modifications. The inspection team felt compelled to report this to their superiors, but Scrubb enticed them with a few bottles of Corellian brandy. The PCs were then able to convince the inspectors to look the other way.

Asher suggested that they take this opportunity to pick up some military-grade replacement parts for the Redemption. He and Scrubb went to the engineering facility while Bel, IG, Xarsis, and CPX-4 went off to find a station at which they could change the orders. While waiting or CPX-4 to slice into the outpost’s computer, Xarsis felt a familiar presence and left the others to seek it out.

CPX-4 successfully altered the orders and transferred the Diadem of the Zeltu to the Redemption. The task was made more difficult due to other activity in the system – it turns out that Lord Danar Alde, an influential Alderaanian noble suspected to have ties with the Rebellion, was in custody.

Scrubb and Asher finished procuring parts and were on their way back to the redemption. However, they were noticed by one of Scrubb’s many burned acquaintances, a Trandoshan slaver named Rotusk. Although the Trandoshan tried to alert the Imperials to the intruders’ presence, the Imperials gave him no mind.

Xarsis followed the presence to another control center where he overheard Soraya Das – a fellow Obroan Institute graduate and now Dark Side Adept – conversing with Darth Vader via Holonet. Once she was aware of Xarsis’s presence, a lightsaber duel ensued. Unwilling to harm Soraya, Xarsis momentarily overloaded her cybernetic implants and fled the battle.

The PCs rushed back to the Redemption, the base now alerted to their presence.



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