Star Wars Renegades

Chapter 1: The Shadow of the Zeltu

Infiltrating Domma's Compound

While on Nar Shadda, the PCs conversed with their employer Zorba the Hutt and were instructed to find the Diadem of the Zeltu. Zorba said it was last in the possession of crime boss Rolorn Domma.

After consulting Asher’s contact Jazzon on Nar Shadda, the PCs learned that Domma’s last known whereabouts were on Topa, a planet in the Sespe system. Before they left, Xarsis noticed a shady figure watching them.

Arriving at Topa, the PCs learn that Domma had a run-in with Imperials and retreated to his compound, fortifying it with extra merc guards. Xarsis had a memorable card game, leading to a fight at a cantina.

The PCs infiltrated the compound. Bel was positioned in a sniper perch while Asher, IG, and Xarsis sneaked into the primary building. To avoid detection, IG pushed Xarsis into the path of some oncoming sentries, but Xarsis was able to remain hidden. IG and Asher found Domma in his room, enjoying … risqué holovids of twi’lek dancers.

The extraction was undetected and going smoothly until IG noticed one of Domma’s many art objects. Unable to resist its kleptomaniac impulses, IG took one of the pieces, setting off the compound’s security alarm …


I was there. I saw what you did…

Chapter 1: The Shadow of the Zeltu

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