It is a time of hope. The Empire’s stunning defeat by Rebel forces at the Battle of Yavin inspires others to throw off the yoke of tyranny.

Disgusted by the Empire’s atrocities, a band of Imperial renegades escapes the destruction of the Death Star and makes its way to the Galaxy’s lawless Outer Rim.

Believed by the Empire to be dead, the renegades are discovered by the nefarious Zorba the Hutt. Forced into his employ as troubleshooters and enforcers, their current task is to recover a mysterious artifact – the Diadem of the Zeltu – from a rival crimelord….

This is the home page for our Star Wars game, set between Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

The tab on the left contains links to several useful pages. The Adventure Log page contains a brief run down of our sessions so far. The Wiki page has some information on various NPCs, places, and objects of interest to the campaign. The Characters page lists the PCs.

Star Wars Renegades

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