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  • Things of Note

    This page contains links to various artifacts, ships, macguffins, and other objects of interest. Dark Saber [[Diadem of the Zeltu | Diadem of the Zeltu]] [[Holocron of Obroa-Skai | Holocron of Obroa-Skai]] [[:the-redemption | The Redemption]]

  • Holocron of Obroa-Skai

    A holocron containing much of the information in the vast archives of the [[Obroa-Skai | Obroa-Skai]]. Given the amount of memory it manages, the device can easily go out of phase, necessitating a fairly long resynchronization at the Celebratus Archives …

  • The Darksaber

    An ancient, black-bladed light saber. It had been adopted by the Mandalorean extremist group Death Watch as a symbol of rulership. The Darksaber had been in the possession of [[Isabet Reau | Isabet Reau]], but it was stolen by [[:ig-72b | IG-72B]]. The …

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