Star Wars Renegades

Chapter 2: Prophecy of Doom

Flight from Nar Shadda

Dropping off Danar Alde, Elric Trask, and Vengeance at the Rebellion’s hidden Delta Base, the PCs acquired their monetary awards, the gratitude of the Rebellion, and an ion cannon for the Redemption.

En route to Nar Shaddaa, Xarsis attempted to access the Holocron of Obroa-Skai in order to learn more about the Diadem of the Zeltu. But the device was damaged during their escape from Formos and would need to be recalibrated.

Returning to Zorba the Hutt with the Diadem, Bel demanded that the PCs be freed from Zorba’s employ. Further, Bel insisted that all traces of the PCs on Zorba’s systems be purged – the Hutt was to have nothing that could be handed to the Empire. To do this, the PCs proposed that CPX-4 be granted access to Zorba’s systems, delete information specific to the PCs, and then be memory-wiped so as to not retain any information that could potentially harm Zorba. After some negotiation, Zorba agreed. When CPX-4 returned, things had apparently gone to plan.

However, as the PCs were about to disembark Nar Shaddaa, they were contacted by an enraged Zorba. Claiming that the PCs installed a virus onto his systems, the Hutt sent his forces to stop the PCs from leaving the Smuggler’s Moon. The Redemption crew easily handled the hastily scrambled fighters sent to pursue them and made the jump to hyperspace.

With the only sanctuary being Delta Base, the PCs made their way back to the Rebel stronghold. Upon docking, Bel was approached by General Oktra Balor’ma, commander of Delta Base, and told of a corrupt Imperial administrator, Moff Varkusk, who was in league with pirates and slavers. Feeling compelled to help reform the Empire, Bel agreed to confront Varkusk.

While doing diagnostics on his droid, Asher discovered that someone tampered with CPX-4 just before the droid interfaced with Zorba’s systems. It appears the PCs were framed!

Meanwhile, Alde approached Xarsis and asked him about the Diadem of the Xeltu. He recommended that Xarsis return to the Obroan Institute on the library world of Obroa-skai to access the archives there. Alde offered his personal ship for the journey, and, along with IG and Vengeance, Xarsis took the ship to his former home.

Upon reaching Obroa-skai, Xarsis, IG, and Vengeance met with one of Xarsis’s old profressors, a Qual Doon. To their surprise, Qual Doon informed them that Soraya Das would be showing up tomorrow.

While Xarsis, IG, and Vengeance await Soraya, Bel, Asher, and Scrubb took the Redemption to confront the corrupt moff.



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