Star Wars Renegades

Chapter 1: The Shadow of the Zeltu

Battle at Domma's Compound

The security alarm blaring, Asher and IG easily subdue Rolorn Domma and obtain access to Domma’s files. They learn that Imperials have seized the ship containing the Diadem of the Zeltu. For good measure, Asher transfers Domma’s ill-gotten fortune into his own accounts.

While standing watch over Asher, IG encounters a female in Mandalorian armor. Immediately recognizing the Darksaber in its metallic hands, she attacks IG. She proves to be a fierce combatant, able to hold her own against the deadly assassin droid.

Xarsis dispatches several mercs with his Sith lightsaber as he makes his way into the control room of one of the compound’s two turbolaser towers.

From his perch atop the compound’s primary building, Bel coordinates the attack and dispatches several mercs. His battleworn Correlian power armor saves him from a several nasty shots. He manages to shoot the controls to the doors of the compound’s hangar, preventing the doors from opening fully and the assault fighters within from launching.

Scrubb deftly pilots the Redemption so as to avoid the worst blasts of the turbolasers. After a pitched battle with some mercs, Xarsis disables one turbolaser by destroying its control panel. Asher slices into the compound’s defense systems to disable the other turbolaser, allowing Scrubb to land the Redemption inside the compound. Everyone gets onto the ship.

Blasting off, the Redemption avoids the blasts of the reactivated turbolasers. Chased by the freed assault craft – one of which being piloted by the mysterious Mandalorian warrior – the PCs evade their pursuers. Leaving Topa’s atmosphere, the Redemption makes the jump to hyperspace.



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