Star Wars Renegades

Chapter 2: Prophecy of Doom

Slavelords of Zeptilon 3

Bel, Asher, Scrubb, and two Rebel commandos took the Redemption to Zeptilon 3, home of the seemingly corrupt Moff Varkusk. Landing at the space port, they learned that the Trandoshan slaver Rutosk is often seen transporting individuals off planet.

In particular, one of the spaceport workers noticed that, several weeks ago, Rutosk’s forces had a human girl in their possession. Unlike other potential slaves, she was taken some where to the spaceport’s unsavory Manufacturing District. Asher had CPX-4 do some more research into this and the droid discovered that Varkusk had a daughter who had gone missing several weeks ago. The PCs immediately suspected that Rutosk had the Moff’s daughter kidnapped, giving the vile slaver free reign to ply his odious trade in the Zeptilon system.

Doing some more investigation, the PCs learned that one of Rutosk’s favorite haunts while on planet was a cantina on the outskirts of the Manufacturing District called the Steel Mynock. The PCs arrived, only to be confronted by some of Rutosk’s thugs. Despite his best efforts, Scrubb was recognized and captured by the thugs. Wrestling the ace pilot into submission, they dragged him to Rutosk’s hideout in the many abandoned warehouses of the Manufacturing District. With the aid of a camera droid cobbled together from spare parts, Asher, Bel, and the Rebel commandos surreptitiously followed Rutosk’s thugs.

The thugs placed Scrubb in a cell with Varkusk’s daughter, Esmerelda. Scrubb informed Varkusk’s daughter that the PCs were coming to save her. In response, Esmerelda cheered loudly with joy, alerting Rutosk and his thugs. Bel and the Rebel commandos provided cover fire while Asher freed Scrubb and Esmerelda.

Chased through the winding streets of the Manufacturing District, the PCs made it to the Redemption’s hangar. They were met by some of Rutosk’s slavers – two had taken position behind some crates in front of the Redemption’s access ramp while two more were up on balconies overhead. Rutosk and three thugs arrived on the street outside the hangar, surrounding the PCs.

Asher went to deal with the thugs behind the crates while Bel fought Rutosk. Asher incapacitated one thug with his trusty hydrospanner and Bel’s Corellian power armor protected him from the worst of his Trandoshan enemy’s blasters. The Rebel commandos accompanying the PCs fell to blaster bolts of the slavers.

As the battle raged on the hangar bay floor, Scrubb climbed up the balcony to take out one of the shooters up there. The shooter on the other balcony hit Scrubb with a well placed shot, causing lingering blaster burns. Asher ordered CPX-4 to activate the Redemption’s guns and fire at Rutosk’s men. CPX-4 did so, but aimed poorly, missing Rutosk and hitting a fuel line. A massive explosion rocked the hangar, knocking Rutosk and Bel to the ground.

Asher incapacitated the other thug behind the crates and made his way on the ship, Scrubb following suit.. Struggling to his feet, Bel quickly joined his companions. Safe within the Redemption, Scrubb contacted Moff Varkusk and informed him that his daughter was safe. Imperial forces soon moved in to clean out the slavers, but Rutosk had already gone off world.



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